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Why Daichi

Over 600 designing establishments already cooperating with our company.

Over 8,000 partners – specialized installation companies.

19 representation offices in the federal regions of Russia.

51 wholesale storages in 43 major cities with prompt delivery of equipment, component and spare parts.

There are 100 authorized servicing centres in the country.

We offer consulting services and assistance in designing work.

We offer the entire range of HVAC equipment by leading world manufacturers for any type and application.

We offer the best prices and payment terms for premium equipment and also for reliable economy class brands.

Integrated work for developing and
modernizing air conditioning systems

  • A comprehensive approach includes participation in the process of designing air conditioning systems;
  • wholesale delivery of HVAC equipment;
  • choice of an installation company and follow-up control of assembly work performed;
  • organization of after sale servicing.

Daichi offers to its major clients a unique set of services in the development and modernization of air conditioning systems for various projects. These comprehensive activities envisage participation of Daichi at all stages of the project.

Stages of comprehensive work

1. Development of the project concept

Choice of equipment on the basis of the client’s requirements and finances.

2. Project development, co-ordination, implementation

  • Development of new projects and upgrading of existing projects for air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Provision of equipment information
  • Qualified consultation
  • Training of designers
  • Wholesale delivery of equipment at special prices and on easy terms

3. Choice of installation organization

  • Selection of qualified executor
  • Installation work control
  • Start-up and adjustment

4. Operation of project unit

  • Permanent contact with supporting organization for efficient solution of current issues and performance of preventive work.
  • Guarantee of prompt delivery of spare parts.

Equipment for you


Основное применение систем чиллер-фанкойл – здания, в которых тепловая нагрузка в течение дня Более-менее постоянна: торгово-развлекательные центры, спортивные комплексы, большие административные здания.

Daichi работает с чиллерами Daikin, в которых применяется уникальный одновинтовой компрессор, характеризующийся сверхнизкими уровнями вибрации и шума, а также повышенным ресурсом работы.

Широкий модельный ряд оборудования включает в себя чиллеры с применением инверторных техно логий, а также модели на фреоне R410А, сочетающие в себе такие преимущества, как высокая эффективность, компактность, малый вес и умеренная цена.

Диапазон производительности чиллеров всего модельного ряда составляет от 5 кВт до 9 000 кВт. К бесконденсаторным и водяным моделям поставляются градирни и конденсаторы.

Компания Daichi также предлагает фанкойлы Daikin и Kentatsu с широким рядом типоразмеров и видов исполнения.

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