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Why Daichi

Over 600 designing establishments already cooperating with our company.

Over 8 000 partners – specialized installation companies.

19 representation offices in the federal regions of Russia.

51 wholesale storages in 43 major cities with prompt delivery of equipment, component and spare parts.

There are 100 authorized servicing centres in the country.

We offer consulting services and assistance in designing work.

We offer the entire range of HVAC equipment by leading world manufacturers for any type and application.

We offer the best prices and payment terms for premium equipment and also for reliable economy class brands.

Framework deliveries of equipment to corporate clients

Daichi offers special corporate prices and organized installation of HVAC equipment to major customers who require equipment for standard projects.

When dealing with corporate customers Daichi may take responsibility for delivery of equipment at special corporate prices, designing, installation and servicing according to a single standard all over the Russian Federation including co-operation with authorized local contractors.

To date, Daichi maintains co-operation with a number of major corporate customers on the basis of framework contracts under which Daichi comes out as general contractor in the sphere of air conditioning and ventilation.

Permit for self-regulated organizations (SRO) to operate allows the company to implement the entire cycle of work aimed at setting up a HVAC system.

SRO certificate

Daichi operates with the following companies on the basis of framework contracts

Algorithm of operations with corporate clients

1. Daichi executes general contractor agreements for deliveries, installation, acceptance and servicing of air conditioning systems after which the company invites authorized units for sub-contractor work.

2. Daichi discusses the corporate client’s requirements, jointly with the client draws up an annual (or monthly) master plan for regional deliveries of equipment and draws authorized and certified contractors into executing contracts with regional units and branches of the corporate client.

These algorithms not only save time and money resources but also ensure operational control and management of the project.